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Todd R. Walsh

CEO & Chief Technical Analyst of Alpha Cubed Investments

Todd's Story

Todd R. Walsh began his professional career in 1986 at E.F. Hutton immediately after interning for various firms while attending UCLA. At E.F. Hutton, Todd managed risk-and-style-balanced investment portfolios for wealthy individuals, corporations, and retirement plans and then subsequently continued these endeavors at Paine Webber, Merrill Lynch, and LPL Financial Services. Prior to founding Alpha Cubed Investments in 2011, Todd was the Managing Member and Chief Investment Officer of his eponymously named firm, TRW Investments.

Todd R. Walsh

Todd began applying technical analysis to his investment management process beginning in 1987 when he was introduced to the Investors Intelligence Newsletter Sentiment Index during the crash of 1987. Realizing its powerful utility as a contrarian indicator, he subscribed to the service and began hand-crafting historical data and comparing it to market conditions over time (this was before ubiquitous computer graphing and analysis was available, so it had to be done by hand).

Building on this research, Todd went on to develop over 30 technical analysis tools over the years that are used daily at Alpha Cubed Investments to help determine current market conditions. 

Todd R. Walsh

Todd enjoys educating investors about the process of long-term investing, technical analysis, and general business development in the financial services industry through speaking, writing and media appearances. He is the proud father of five children with graduates of UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, and UC Berkeley.

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Todd R. Walsh is the CEO of Alpha Cubed Investments as  well as the firm’s Chief Technical Analyst and member of the investment committee. Todd has been featured on major financial industry networks such as CNBC, Schwab Network, and Cheddar News. He has also been sought out for his expert commentary on the markets, individual stocks, and technical analysis by some of the leading financial publications in the world, such as The Wall Street Journal, S&P Global, Forbes, and Daily Mail.

He is also the author of the book Exponential Gains: How to Find and Manage the Next Great Stocks and Transform Your Portfolio published by Forbes Books.
Todd R. Walsh
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