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ACI CEO Todd R. Walsh Recently Quoted about AI-Based Trading in the Daily Mail

ACI CEO Todd R. Walsh was recently quoted by the Daily Mail to discuss the potential risks of using AI-based investment tools. Here is an excerpt below:

“CEO of Alpha Cubed Investments, Todd Walsh, said: ‘None of the AI tools are robust enough at this point to ferret out enough information to allow regular investors to rely on the data for the purposes of day trading.

‘If, and only if, it is being used by experienced day traders who also use tools like technical analysis, volume measurements, along with fundamental inputs, AI resources can be a useful tool.

‘Inexperienced investors who are not utilizing every available tool in their arsenal are likely to suffer painful losses if they venture into AI based trading without combining it with more traditional forms of research an analysis.’

The study itself acknowledged some issues with the advice given.”


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